What's CAI

The CAI is an index of reporting air quality. It tells you how clean or polluted air is and what health eff-ects might be caused by air pollution.

Good(0~50), Moderate(51~100), Unhealthy(101~250), Very Unhealthy(251~500)

Real-Time 8

Air Quality Data picture

The most current data is provided ar the end of each hour.
Note that this data is prior to approval for use.


Metropolitan Air Quality

Metropolitan Data picture
The data on the air quality of the metro-politan area is available.(hourly averaged data for one day)
Air Quality Item
PM10 PM2.5 03 NO2 SO2 CO
Korea Air Quality Area seoul busam daegu incheon kwangju daejeon ulsan
The Korea Ministry of Environment(MOE) and the Korea Environment Corporation(KECO) developed the AIRKOREA web site to provide the public with easy access to national air quality information
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